Dirt Bandit owner Josh, with Dirt Bandit products, explaining its noncorrosive, cleaning properties.


Dirt Bandit delivers a new breed of wash formula for all types of surfaces from off-road vehicles to your gear. We thoroughly test all our products to make sure they are tough on dirt, grease, and grime but safe for the environment.

About Us

Girl washing her dirt bike with Dirt Bandit products.

How We Started

Dirt Bandit was born out of the Washougal, WA MX track. We noticed the amount of soap run off at the track and general lack of capable cleaning products to remove mud and wash our gear. We knew we had to find something better.

A UTV covered in Dirt Bandit soap.

Research and Development

We met with chemists and started working on formulas that needed to clean our muddy bikes and grimy UTVs but also didn't hurt the environment as run-off. That's when we found the Dirt Bandit formula we have now. It cleans as well as being eco-safe and that puts us in 1st place.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle that is freshly washed with Dirt Bandit motorcycle soap.

Local Riders to Global Rippers

We continue to promote people and their rides no matter how many wheels you have. If its dirty let the Bandit handle it. We help you get away clean.